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Joe Sofra


Applied Science (Construction Management) (Hons) (RMIT)


Joe started his career in the construction industry in 2006. It was from there Joe realised his passion for construction, which is to see each project grow from inception.

Joe completed his tertiary degree on Construction Management at RMIT, where he was awarded academic honours. At the age of 24, Joe became a registered domestic building practitioner.

Joe’s inspiration for starting the company was and still is today, the incredible partnership with Lucas, sharing the same core business & life values, together they work as a team and focus on each other’s strengths to drive the success of Joluca Homes.

Joe lives and breathes every details of every project he manages and has an unmatched work ethic and provides a methodical approach. For Joe, near enough is never good enough as he outperforms to deliver the level of perfection required by his clients. The bespoke projects he has delivered and continues to work on are in themselves a true testament to his boundless capabilities.

Inspiring the people around him, Joe brings a positive nature encouraging others to bring the best out of themselves. Joe is proud to have built a group of core staff that share these same values.

Joe attributes his success to his strong family ties.

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